A pioneering multi-surfaces eSTOL aircraft, electric, convenient and comfortable

Nicknamed the EE-19 , our plane is capable of short take-offs and landings on water and land thanks to its unique design. Its fuselage shaped like an airfoil allows it to be energy efficient and to have a much larger internal volume than any of our competitors, its foldable wing means it fits in a glovebox



Our Blended-Wing-Body configuration improves aerodynamic performances, and reduces fuel consumption by 20% .

The wide airfoil-shaped body, allows the entire craft to generate lift and thus reducing the size and drag of the wings.The EE-19 has distinct wing and body structures, which are smoothly blended together.

The main advantage of the BWB is to reduce wetted area and the accompanying form drag associated with a conventional wing-body junction.


The EE-19 Mobula includes a spacious cabin for 19 passengers that can be easily converted into a large compartment for five LD3 containers.

It can also be modified and personalized into a flying   Luxurious Yacht

Patented variable wing geometry design

A variable wing geometry system allows the wings their angle of attack to land on short distances, gain stability but also to fully retract them to park the aircraft while reducing its size to fit in a small size hangar.

Our partners

Our partners