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[L'Essor Loire]-16 août 2022

An electric plane developed at Saint-Etienne Loire Airport
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[Le Journal des Entreprises]-27 janv. 2022

Eenuee, the start-up that wants to make Saint-Etienne-Loire airport take off again.
Prototype de l’avion eenuee

[20 Minutes]- 18 févr. 2022

With its electric planes, Eenuee wants to "develop another way of flying" across France.


Un partenariat eenuee et groupe celduc

EENUEE- juin. 2022

eenuee, the leading manufacturer of electric aircraft in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region, opens its capital to the celduc group. This partnership will accelerate the R&D development of electric aviation.
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Strategic committee - juin. 2022

Launch of the 1st eenuee strategic committee in its new premises in the Saint Etienne high-tech building.

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