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Eenuee, pioneer of electric aviation dedicated to inter-regional mobility. Our mission: innovate in air transport with sustainable and accessible solutions for all.

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The fundamentals of our aircraft

L'avion Eenuee nécessite très peu d'infrastructure

Requires minimal infrastructure.

Only 300m of runway needed for takeoff and landing

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The Eenuee airplane stands out for its ability to operate with minimal infrastructure, paving the way for a more flexible and accessible aviation. This feature is essential in our vision to make electric aviation more available and convenient for a wider range of regions and communities. Our aircraft leverages exclusive expertise in aircraft hydrofoil technology, enabling landing or water landing in various areas. With this cutting-edge technology, Eenuee redefines the standards of regional air travel, combining performance, sustainability, and versatility.

Eenuee, Avion de conception simple pour une arrivée plus rapide sur le marché.


Simple airplane design for a quicker market entry.

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The choice to operate at lower altitudes and reduced speeds simplifies the aircraft’s design by eliminating pressurization constraints. This decision does not impact the duration of regional flights. This feature results in a 40% reduction in the aircraft’s weight, providing increased energy efficiency and a significantly reduced carbon footprint. By aligning our technology with existing certifications and standards, we facilitate market access for our electric aircraft, contributing to the democratization of regional air travel. Our goal is to make aviation sustainable and accessible to a broader range of operators and passengers, thereby redefining the standards of regional aviation.

Eenuee, avion avec un confort optimisé jusqu’à 19 places.

A comfortable

Optimized comfort for up to 19 seats.

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At the core of the design of our regional aircraft for up to 19 passengers, comfort is an absolute priority. Our innovative Blended Wing Body (BWB) architecture provides outstanding benefits in terms of space and onboard well-being. This significant increase in available space radically transforms the flight experience, offering our passengers unprecedented comfort and freedom of movement in regional air travel.

Our unique aircraft architecture embodies the future aviation revolution.

Practical, electric, and comfortable : Eenuee, a pioneer in aeronautics.

Our airplane stands out for its ability to perform short takeoffs and landings on both water and land, thanks to its unique design. Its fuselage shape, resembling an aerodynamic profile, provides increased energy efficiency and a much larger internal volume than that of our competitors. Furthermore, its foldable wings grant it exceptional adaptability and storage capabilities.

Unique aerodynamics, reduce consumption by 40%

Our Blended Wing Body (BWB) configuration enhances aerodynamic performance and reduces energy consumption by 40%. This wide, aerodynamically profiled structure enables the entire aircraft to generate lift, thereby reducing the size and drag of the wings. The airplane is characterized by distinct wing and body structures seamlessly merged

Key Benefits of the BWB (Blended Wing Body)

The main advantage of the BWB configuration lies in its ability to reduce the wetted area and the form drag associated with the traditional wing-body junction. This innovation results in improved efficiency and increased comfort for passengers, marking a significant advancement in the design of electric airplanes.

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L'avion Eenuee supporte jusqu'à 19 passagers


Eenuee est 100% électrique



L'avion Eenuee supporte jusqu'à 19 passagers


less CO2 Emissions

Eenuee parcours jusqu'à 500km d'autonomie

KM range

L'avion Eenuee supporte jusqu'à 19 passagers

meters for Takeoff and Landing

Applications in various fields

  • Humanitarian application
  • Seaplane
  • Private Aviation
  • Logistic
  • Military Applications

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